'If you have nothing to say, at least say it well'

'If you have nothing to say, at least say it well'
But our culture is afflicted by the false concept of “genius” and by the Romantic movement's idea that truth resides in nature: “They [the Romantics] wanted to be natural, and the figures of rhetoric are not natural.” He denies that Shakespeare was a …
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Ted Nolan Returns As Buffalo Sabres Prodigal Son – But Don't Get Too Comfy
I love the fact that Ted Nolan is here to help turn the culture of this organization around – but at some point, the Buffalo Sabres need to bring in someone in the hockey department that has won a Stanley Cup – or we will never see that glorious trophy …
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¡Azúcar! – let's dance!
Although LaPlaca has an Italian and German background, she loves Hispanic culture and is studying abroad in Ecuador in the spring. “[People of Hispanic culture] are so emotional and they just like to connect with you and be close with you,” LaPlaca said.
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